District Election Office

ELECTIONS AND ELECTORAL ROLL                                                      Toll Free No – 1950


The Election Department is the Nodal department for all the matters pertaining to Elections in respect of Union Territory of Puducherry. The Chief Electoral Officer is the Head of Elections Department. The District Collector also functions as the District Election Officer under the purview of the Chief Electoral Officer. Returning Officers have been appointed under the District Election Officer for conducting General Elections to Legislative Assembly of Puducherry. The District Election Officer, Puducherry is itself the Returning Office for Puducherry Parliamentary Constituency. During the General Elections to Puducherry Parliamentary Constituency , the Returning Officers of the Assembly Constituencies will function as Assistance Returning Officer and assist the Returning Officer of Puducherry Parliamentary Constituency.


To ensure conduct of free and fair elections in which every eligible voter will get an opportunity to exercise their franchise without any fear in mind to take part in the great democratic process of the country and have a free and fair electoral roll.


For the smooth conduct of election at the level of District administration the Collector —cum- District Election Officer has the overall responsibility and the District Election Machinery under the command and control of the District Election Officer plays a vital role on ensuring the purity of electoral process and the smooth conduct of elections. The District Collector discharges his duties as District Election Officer and also as Returning Officer from time to time as per the directions of Election Commission of India and Elections Department , Puducherry. This office co —ordinates with the Election Commission of India/Elections Department in preparing error-free photo electoral rolls and issue of Electoral Photo Identity Card.

This office also co-ordinates with Election Department / State Election Commission and Returning officer concerned in exercise of the statutory works as codified in the Election Laws during Election to Lok Sabha /Legislative Assembly and Local bodies. Revision of Electoral Rolls will also be undertaken every year in order to enroll the eligible voters who have completed 18 years of age , correction of wrong datas and deletion of dead/shifted voters in the Electoral Roll.

The following are the functions of the District Election Office.

  1. Conduct of Parliament / Assembly Elections/Local body elections
  2. Supervision in preparation of Electoral Rolls by Electoral Registration Officer.
  3. Supervision of Electoral Photo Identity Programme
  4. Safe storage of Electronic Voting Machines
  5. This office is yet to be provided with exclusive staff to perform the task of conducting the elections and the combined effort of all the existing staff results in achieving the mission.


This office had conducted several Elections to Lok Sabha, State/U.T. Assembly, Local Bodies and bye-elections in a successful manner. National Voters day is being celeberated every year with a view to create awareness about the importance of the role of public in the democratic process of the country. 100% EPIC is being achieved in the UT of Puducherry by providing EPIC to all the eligible voters who were enrolled in the Electoral Rolls.


Public queries were dealt courteously and the petitions received from the public are disposed then and there by the officials of this office. All informations pertaining to the Elections is transparent and open to all as per the provisions of Right to Information Act, 2005. Any other information regarding the functioning of election machinery is available in the official website of Election Commission of India and Election Department website This site also enables the public to access information regarding previous election, electoral rights, various statutory forms, the officials to be contacted etc., and also provides easy access to the Electoral Rolls, 2015.